Powerful Engineering And A Great Investment For Profit All At Very Affordable Pricing

Alpha II D.C. R-134a

  Completely automatic
  Single-pass recovery
  Convenient vacuum pump storage tray
  Digital scale and load cell
  Patented air trap (never vent expensive refrigerant again)
  Heavy duty 1/3 HP compressor with oil slight-glass
  Fastest filter change in the business (less than a minute)
  Large, 10" semi-pneumatic wheels and heavy duty welded frame
  Easy-to move three-wheel design




Pro-Plus 160-60 and Pro 160-52

  Single pass recovery
  Completely automatic
  Recovers R-12, 22, 500, 502, R134a and all blends 
  Single-hose hook-up
  Automatic shut-off when recovery is complete
  Heavy duty 1/3 HP compressor with patented oil sight-glass
  Exclusive easy access valve for compressor oil change and fill
  Reminder lamp for oil drain
  Powder baked paint for a long-lasting finish
  Recovers both liquid and vapor 
  Oil distillation and separation adds years of trouble-free operation




An Environmental Technologies Company
(NASDAQ-EVTC).  Major re-packager of R134a.  R-22 and all other refrigerants.


Refillable Tanks

R-12 30lb., 90-2008
134a, 30lb., 90-2006

Not pictured:
R-12, 50lb., 90-2006
134a, 50lb., 90-2007


Compact Charging Scale

  Full strain gauge bridge operation
  110 lb. capacity
  + - 0.25 oz. (10g) accuracy at 77 F
  32 to 120 F operating range (up to 90% relative humidity)
  Battery life of approximately 20 hours of continuous use
  Easy to use instructions permanently mounted in cover


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